How to become a master of networking without trying hard? React Day Berlin 2017

(ReactDay Berlin with Alexey Migutsky)

For anyone in the IT world, who is familiar with the topics of networking and relationship-building, the title above should cause a great deal of excitement. After all, hundreds of people sharing the same interests, culture and business goals packed in one place sounds like taking a kid to Disneyland…
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What is more important, working hard or working effficiently?

In the middle of work, a simple yet interesting question came to my mind as my colleague started a discussion about quality or work. “Which one is more important, working hard or working efficiently?” Did you ever ask yourself the same question? I am a hard-working person, so I definitely disagree if the latter should go first. To reach your fullest potential, you need right attitude. It’s called hard work. Continue reading “What is more important, working hard or working effficiently?”

How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?

Marcin Ruman

Most importantly, set your goals. I always believe in the importance of goals setting. The goals mark the first point toward success as they will take control in our life by leading us to the direction to achieve them. Do I set goals for myself? Of course I do. Every day in the morning and in the evening. And I proudly declare my main goal in life is to live passionately every day and to provide value to others. By sharing this article with you is obviously part of my goals to share positive values, which hopefully can inspire as well. Continue reading “How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?”

Apple Watch Seems Really Useful!

As I have mentioned in my previous article that I am a big Apple fan, you might have guessed that I am going to share my experience about another new Apple product. Your guess is right. I was skeptical initially to buy the Apple watch until I decided to buy my first Apple watch a couple of weeks ago to compliment myself. After buying the AirPods I felt even more in love with Apple products and it makes sense to stick with them and having everything connected. I have always been a fan of watches especially the more classical ones, which I still wear occasionally. Whereas the Apple watch attracts me as it has many useful features that have been helping me in many aspects of life such as work, health and social life. Continue reading “Apple Watch Seems Really Useful!”

We All Use Products To Change Our Mood


Waking up early and off to the gym, I never forget to wear headphones, listening to audiobooks, motivational speech, or simply podcasts in a foreign language that can improve my proficiency. These are my daily morning habits. It does not stop in the morning though. Throughout the day, I tend to use my mobile devices and certain applications that are engaging enough. Continue reading “We All Use Products To Change Our Mood”

How I Increased My Productivity By Travelling More

Travelling (soon after landing in San Francisco, California)

Being a freelance software developer and also running small businesses on the side, I get to traveller a lot around Europe. Recently, while I was on the plane to London I thought to myself, gee, travelling really makes me more productive and happy. Why? Because of the variety. It gives me more energy than I had before working a 9-5 job in the office…

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