I remember the first time I got an Apple product was iPhone 5s in early 2014. Ever since, I fell in love with their products and turned into a big Apple fan. Though initially I just had an iPhone, I later switched my old computer to MacBook Pro and purchased an iPad.

I consider myself an active person who always rely on advanced technology to support my work. These Apple wireless earphones have been very useful, especially when I am travelling. Through this article I will be sharing my experience using AirPods, showing you their benefits and answering the question whether they are worth even buying.

Firstly, let me introduce what exactly the AirPods are and how they work. The Apple AirPods are wireless earphones which look the same in design with traditional Apple EarPods. What makes them different is that AirPods do not come with wires. The AirPods can easily pair to my device by simply flipping open the top of the case close to it. This auto-pairing is excellent that it can be automatically initiated with my iPhone. I have been using AirPods for picking up calls while I am doing other activities by simply connecting them to my iPhone. In other words, they really support my mobility and do not hinder my movements.

If you are curious about the battery, you do not have to worry as they come with small indicator light in the charging case which can tell you when the buds are charged or charging. The case is small enough, making it very easy to bring as it fits in my pockets.

Given the benefits they have, I don’t regret paying £185 to get this promising breakthrough. The price is even considerably cheaper than that of the Apple Watch. In fact, in a recent survey, AirPods have achieved a 98 percent of customer satisfaction rate and the demand for AirPods exceeds supply.

Thanks to advanced technology that has transformed my life and helped increase my productivity. These headsets are very useful for travel and being mobile compared to my previous wired earphones, which were cumbersome to wear. I would recommend you to use AirPods. However, there are plenty of wireless alternatives available on the market if you want something different in features and looks.


You really have nothing to fear by leaving the old wire earphones behind. The only thing you have to ask yourself before buying the AirPods is, do they even fit in my ears? if the answer is yes, you can join the satisfied early adaptors like myself and enjoy the product, good luck!

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