Most importantly, set your goals. I always believe in the importance of goals setting. The goals mark the first point toward success as they will take control in our life by leading us to the direction to achieve them. Do I set goals for myself? Of course I do. Every day in the morning and in the evening. And I proudly declare my main goal in life is to live passionately every day and to provide value to others. By sharing this article with you is obviously part of my goals to share positive values, which hopefully can inspire as well.

Work-Life Balance

Today, I am fortunate to be a passionate Front End Developer and can help companies to develop interactive stuff like web applications, currently I’m working on a project for Canon. I also run small business and I have been enjoying digital marketing. If you would like to hire me, please get in touch on my social media.

However, I realise that focusing only on my jobs will lead to the absence of work-life balance. So I create a balanced life by paying attention to internal things like body and soul, which I can accomplish by exercising. I’m aware that working out influences my health, confidence levels and more importantly, I find it valuable when it can build healthy mind. I do not only go to the gym in the morning or in the evening, sometimes I also go for a run and swim.

Besides having breakfast and working out, another morning activity that I never miss is to listen to a radio in a given language that I am currently learning. I listen to the conversation of the language while getting myself ready to hit the road to the office for a morning meeting at 9 o’clock. There are plenty of good reasons why I love learning languages other than to support my work and business. Languages unite people bringing different cultures and backgrounds together, so I can be more confident wherever I go travelling. Currently I’m learning Spanish and German.

To make my life even more balanced, I use my time in the evening to read a book, which I consider as the best company before I am off to bed. I’m currently reading Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro. The book’s about doing my job better. From contracts to selling interactive stuff or design.  From working with clients to working with each other. Evening is also the perfect time for me to finish some projects like writing articles on this blog and writing a book.

Inspire Others

Knowledge and experience will never be useful unless we share them with people. If you were to ask me what I want to share, I really want to document my life into a package of inspiration so people can get value out of it. To see them being motivated to improve their lives and be happier every moment when they start a day would be the best achievement in my life.

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