As I have mentioned in my previous article that I am a big Apple fan, you might have guessed that I am going to share my experience about another new Apple product. Your guess is right. I was skeptical initially to buy the Apple watch until I decided to buy my first Apple watch a couple of weeks ago to compliment myself. After buying the AirPods I felt even more in love with Apple products and it makes sense to stick with them and having everything connected. I have always been a fan of watches especially the more classical ones, which I still wear occasionally. Whereas the Apple watch attracts me as it has many useful features that have been helping me in many aspects of life such as work, health and social life.


Though the Apple Watch is often called as iPhone Watch or iWatch, the presence of this smartwatch is not to replace your iPhone. Among many useful features it has, its function is actually to integrate with my iPhone and AirPods so I can check and reply to Text and iMessage, as well as checking my email anytime.

Additionally, I can answer calls using my Apple Watch as a small Bluetooth speaker phone. This means that I have to be aware of the environment when answering calls, unless I allow people to hear my conversation. The audio quality is not better than using speakerphone on the iPhone indeed, but it is useful when my hands are busy handling something else at the same time.


One of the functions that I have found very useful is that The Apple watch obviously indicates the time. I can use it as a timer because it is handy and always in my reach when I don’t hold my iPhone. As a big tea drinker, I can simply specify the timer when I am making tea and I need a few of minutes to brew the green tea.


Those are only a few of features that I am using. Actually there is a lot more like breathing function from meditation and mindfulness which I have been exploring and I found really nice. As a gym enthusiast, it alerts me to stand up and to stretch my body in the middle of work as I sit most of the time. I have been using other time tracking methods but I have never found them very useful. The Apple watch has been a good regular reminder every hour given the fact that I am too busy and cannot get my head around. If your hobby is swimming, then wearing iWatch in the water is not something you need to worry about as it is designed as a water resistant watch.


In addition, keeping me updated with my social media is also part of Apple Watch functions. I have been sending Facebook messages and looking at photos on my watch. The battery life of this watch is just one day, making it possible to use for your whole day’s activities.


I must say that it is more than a watch given its multiple benefits in my life. I can be more productive at work, can have alerts to remind me about my healthy habits and this watch brings me closer to my social connection. I do not regret so far to have paid £399 for this black series 2 Apple watch. But if you are still considering whether to buy, you can always purchase and try it for 2 weeks then return it if you do not see it as a brilliant partner of your activities.

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