Short bio

Marcin Ruman is a living example of the truth that if we really want something and commit to it, no amount of obstacles can stop us from achieving our goals. Having been abused by his step-father as a child, he spent his teenage years in an orphanage in Krakow, Poland. This was where he fully committed to educate himself and take charge of his life. When he was 19 years old, he was working at three jobs, and miraculously graduated from technical college with a degree in IT. He came to London in 2013 and, having no place to stay, slept at construction sites for weeks. With £500 to his name, he had just enough to survive till the first paycheque. However, he knew that knowing the basics of web development was his life opportunity to break out from hell.

Now, seven years later

He runs a modern tech company called Emersoft, owns an apartment, travels all around the world, speaks three languages and is daily surrounded by a network of entrepreneurs, both on and offline. Marcin has now dedicated his life to doing two things. The first is spreading awareness of building a personal brand among people working in the IT sector. He wants to be living proof that techy people don’t have to be an invisible, anonymous workforce sitting behind the computer eight hours a day. In this book, he shows that everyone working in IT can create their own career path, leveraging the power of emotional intelligence and branding techniques. The second pillar of Marcin’s mission is helping disadvantaged kids from orphanages by teaching and empowering them to self-educate, set goals in life and work very hard to achieve them.

You can contact Marcin at, or via social media on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Search for Marcin Ruman. He responds to every e-mail and comment.