To inspire people (including myself) has always been one of my goals in life. I believe that words can be powerful means to influence them. So I decided to start writing my first book in July 2017. The book is going to be a combination of my personal and professional life.


Every book based on personal experience is always unique as everyone’s path is different. The stories I am sharing in the book will be a lot about what I have learnt. The truth is, I’m really writing this book for myself. I mean, the things I’m writing about come from my life experience.

Growing up as a orphan doesn’t ruin my future

I grew up as a kid in an orphanage so I would like to motivate those who have the same background as mine. I want to tell them that there is hope and that life holds a lot. And the hope is real. I am now in charge on my happiness by choosing a job that I am passionate about, as a web developer. Thus, I will also be sharing values from my professional experience for people in the IT sector.

Programming is a trend and a necessity in the near future

Programming has been very popular recently and I will show you how it can change our professional and personal lives. I first became interested in building websites when I was 13 years old (that’s over 11 years!). Of course my professional experience doesn’t reach that far, but it certainly always has been my passion. Ask any of my friend and they will confirm how geeky I could be at times. Anyhow, nowadays I’m not spending all my energy solely on programming as I discovered that this is simply not enough! Yes (I love you all dear digital nomads), but you have to learn how to sell your product/services and how to do personal branding. Otherwise, nobody will know about you. Worse, if they haven’t heard about you, they will not buy from you. Sorry. This is nothing personal, it’s just how it is, and I didn’t set it up. So don’t blame me, the government, or your parents, because the world has changed… Would you agree with me? Good, because my prediction goes beyond that. In the future, I think your profile would be better seen in a digital format. Potential employers or managers will tend to find out our qualifications through publications instead of reading our resume. That’s why it is really the time to get to know programming and how to market yourself or your business as a software developer, designer, or other digital profession you’re in.

Anything can inspire me

Writing a book needs inspiration. I never put limits on where I could get the inspiration and creativity from. Even just going for a walk inspires me. However, the biggest inspiration is from the people who are passionate about what they are doing and the ones who have got results. Inspiration could come anywhere and anytime so I usually just write them down immediately. Then I spend a few hours on the weekends to do some research and to write the book. Planning is obviously everything.


I’m consolidating my knowledge in marketing and programming and want to put it on paper. And my mission is accomplished when people find it beneficial. When it has been published, I hope I can deliver two messages to the readers. First, programming is a new form of literacy. Second, you are a product and personal branding is your new CV. You need to be able to sell your services and products or you will be sold by others. By the way, I am planning to self-publish the book by August 2018 so in the meantime, enjoy my articles.

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