If you are a Programmer, Designer or working in any other IT-related jobs, congratulations! You have one of the most sought-after skills. With the power of technology, you contribute success to so many different fields. In other words, you are running the world in this digital era.

However, as a Web Developer, I realise that having such great potential means nothing if we can’t promote ourselves as a brand. It becomes one of the reasons I am currently writing a book about personal branding for technology professionals. The book will tell you that you bring power within yourself, and that you have to show it to the world. So, market the power of your skills as much as you should, and let your names become a brand, an identity that speaks your ability.

Take Social Media Seriously

“How are you branding yourself?”. Are you still writing CV on a piece of paper or handing out business cards to your potential clients? Unfortunately, the game has changed. It is no longer CV that plays the game in this very competitive and digitalized world. Do you know why? People might leave the papers somewhere as they might not be interested enough to read through.

It is programming that has become a new form of literacy. And this will be the biggest chapter in my book. I am telling you one secret… to develop a unique professional identity, we need to take social media seriously.

Social media can display your capacity as IT professionals in order to build trust to your potential clients. Sounds fun and rewarding, doesn’t it? I would recommend you to keep posting business-related posts on your social media accounts. Of course there’s no downside if you want to post personal updates, but make sure they still represent your brand.

Though I am taking social media e.g Instagram, Facebook and YouTube very seriously, it’s not effortless. I was not comfortable enough to speak in front of camera until a few weeks ago. With time and practice, now I can slowly break the fear and become more confident day by day. So don’t worry about this, even famous orators get nervous!

From Orphanage to Web Developer

I was only a kid when it happened. I grew up in an orphanage in Eastern Europe as I did not get parental care. Right now in my London office, I am running my own business, becoming a Web Developer and writing a book. But when I look back, I never blame my childhood. I take that as a part of my life that has brought me into success, because there’s no such thing as pointless pain. That’s why.. Once released sometime next year, the loyalty from this book will go to charity, especially to the orphans.

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