Watch these 3 LinkedIn profile tweaks help you generate new leads

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“80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content”

LinkedIn has grown to be the most popular professional network channel in the world. No wonder given the possibilities it offers, it can drastically determine the speed and direction of your career. Needless to say, it’s a great personal branding tool.

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7 things you will learn from my newly released book

If someone had told me ten years ago that in 2018 I would release a book about personal branding in IT I’d at least have raised my eyebrows.

Only 8 years ago, I lived in an orphanage and struggled to get by at most of my subjects in school. At weekends I was DJing to make some cash on the side. The outlook was rather gloomy, huh? But here it is, the fruit of my hard work. It’s finally out! After over a year of planning and a few months of intense writing.

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The future is digital – and so is personal branding

If back in 1998, you magically hibernated and then woke up now, 20 years later in 2018, you might feel slightly overwhelmed. The world is changing at the highest pace ever, with the internet being arguably the biggest contributor to that phenomenon.  Marketing has evolved into entirely different form and became prevalent on the internet. The same happened with personal branding which is currently mainly associated with using the internet and social media platforms.

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Studies don’t lie – why having a blog is key to your personal brand

With hundreds of millions of blogs available to date on the internet (409 million on Tumblr only) one thing is sure. It’s not easy to stand out in the world of blogging. Even if you found your sweet spot, your niche the chances are that someone else found it before you. Does that mean that you should skip blogging in the process of building a personal brand? By all means not. Quite the contrary.

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How to become a master of networking without trying hard? React Day Berlin 2017

(ReactDay Berlin with Alexey Migutsky)

For anyone in the IT world, who is familiar with the topics of networking and relationship-building, the title above should cause a great deal of excitement. After all, hundreds of people sharing the same interests, culture and business goals packed in one place sounds like taking a kid to Disneyland…
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How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?

Marcin Ruman

Most importantly, set your goals. I always believe in the importance of goals setting. The goals mark the first point toward success as they will take control in our life by leading us to the direction to achieve them. Do I set goals for myself? Of course I do. Every day in the morning and in the evening. And I proudly declare my main goal in life is to live passionately every day and to provide value to others. By sharing this article with you is obviously part of my goals to share positive values, which hopefully can inspire as well. Continue reading “How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?”

Apple Watch Seems Really Useful!

As I have mentioned in my previous article that I am a big Apple fan, you might have guessed that I am going to share my experience about another new Apple product. Your guess is right. I was skeptical initially to buy the Apple watch until I decided to buy my first Apple watch a couple of weeks ago to compliment myself. After buying the AirPods I felt even more in love with Apple products and it makes sense to stick with them and having everything connected. I have always been a fan of watches especially the more classical ones, which I still wear occasionally. Whereas the Apple watch attracts me as it has many useful features that have been helping me in many aspects of life such as work, health and social life. Continue reading “Apple Watch Seems Really Useful!”

We All Use Products To Change Our Mood


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