Creating an awesome product that solves our daily problems or simply makes life easier is pure value. Creating such product, backing it up with your personal brand and building a community around it – is an art. The art of making business in 2018 internet era. This is what Leo Bessam, the founder of Plutio did. His business model and the strategy behind creating it inspired me to write this post.

What is it actually for?

Plutio is a SaaS (Software as a service) based tool built to manage tasks of different complexity. It’s indispensable not only within small or medium-size teams but also for freelancers. This great software lets you for example:

1. Create complex projects consisting of minor tasks

2. Schedule, delegate, share and collaborate on tasks within existing projects

3. View different projects and tasks of other team members

4. Chat with any of the team members or collaborators

5. Invite clients to see the progress of the work

Necessity is the mother of invention

Like arguably every good idea out there, Plutio grew out of human frustration. Leo noticed that there’s a lack of a multi-functional tool that could solve all his gripes. One tool combining things like finance, sales and project management in one spot. Everything kept under one roof.

Emersoft (the digital agency I founded and have bun running) is a happy Plutio user. I am also a member of its over 2,400 people community on Facebook. And it keeps growing. A huge asset of being a part of it is that members can contribute to the development of the software. They can do it for example by sharing feedback or proposing improvements. That gives everyone not only a feeling of ownership and “making a difference”. It also solidifies the business-customer relationship. People always appreciate it whenever they can be a part of the process. As Leo himself says “I am not building a user base, I don’t want it this way. What I am building is a community of engaged people”.


As an entrepreneur who always stresses the importance of a personal brand and a community around it, one thing is sure.

Leo’s story is all that I stand for in my words and actions. Engaging with everyone and being the face of one’s own business.

Plutio is perfect for you if you are a freelancer, or work in a small or a medium size company or a start-up. And struggle to organize your workflow. I 100% recommend it as the return on the productivity vs. money invested is unbelievably high.

For those who would like to learn more about Leo’s vision and values, I have good news. I shot an interview with Leo and you can watch it here. It’s pure energy and value. I am inspired by people like Leo because they motivate me to work harder. Not forgetting that giving value always comes first over solely making business.

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