The art of making travelling meaningful – from Dubai to Las Vegas

Marcin Ruman in New York(Stopping by in New York, before arriving in Las Vegas)

There is a time in life to do business. There is a time to make new connections. There is also time to travel and celebrate special moments (like a 25th birthday). There are people who separate those things, there are some who like combining them in one. I am one of those. And In my personal conviction, that’s the ultimate form of fulfillment and life.

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How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?

Marcin Ruman

Most importantly, set your goals. I always believe in the importance of goals setting. The goals mark the first point toward success as they will take control in our life by leading us to the direction to achieve them. Do I set goals for myself? Of course I do. Every day in the morning and in the evening. And I proudly declare my main goal in life is to live passionately every day and to provide value to others. By sharing this article with you is obviously part of my goals to share positive values, which hopefully can inspire as well. Continue reading “How Do My Daily Activities Look Like?”

Does one need a talent for learning languages?

I get to write another post on Monday, which I guess is a perfect habit to start off a new week. What I’ve noticed is that when I write I can reflect more precisely on what I’ve been thinking or doing lately. It also allows me to organise a number of scattered pieces of knowledge into one component that when applied, produces certain results. In this case it’s the ability of speaking a foreign language.

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