anyone in the IT world, who is familiar with the topics of networking and relationship-building, the title above should cause a great deal of excitement. After all, hundreds of people sharing the same interests, culture and business goals packed in one place sounds like taking a kid to Disneyland…

Welcome Berlin

Since I already attended  React conference in Amsterdam, earlier this year, I was really excited at the very opportunity to immerse into this specific community again.

As a matter of fact, such events create an invaluable opportunity to establish new connections, make friends and find business partners for perhaps even lifetime. For anyone who is building his/her own personal brand or company, a solid network of like-minded people is a crucial part of the game.

You attract what you are 

What I personally noticed is that those seemingly insignificant interactions can bring about a real butterfly effect in the future. That is because you don’t know if the person you start the chat with might not be someone who will impact your professional or personal life for good.

Last but not least, the word of mouth (marketing) still remains an unbelievably powerful tool for getting people interested in your person and what you do. If people you meet, see value in what you offer, they will be more likely to tell the people they know about you. Then it’s just the domino effect.

So, what does it mean for me? Lots of new contacts. People with a vision similar to mine. An example of it, his name is Alex, is a Microsoft software developer from Berlin and the very idea of his project makes my eyes glow. The project, he already launched ( )  is growing world-class software developers. Needless to say, we agreed to work together in the near future and results will be seen in 2018.


There were obviously more people. Naming them all though would take writing a separate story for each one of them.  And who knows, perhaps someone is now writing a post about meeting me?

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