We live in exciting times, just look around. We’re witnessing the end of the industrial era whether we want it or not. We’re now transitioning to what Seth Godin refers to as, “the connection economy“, the value is created by connections we make and not by industrialism. 


Before I share with you the 7 most valuable lessons I’ve learnt marketing myself on social media. I’d like to show you what are the benefits for yourself from reading this article. You see, because I believe a lot of people (freelancers especially) are confused about this and do not really understand what game we’re playing here. I promise you, after reading this post you will get to know strategies and technics to boost your social media presence significantly. You might even notice that the more you apply the knowledge you’ve learnt here, the more income and opportunities you’ll be getting every month. Then, assuming you’re not a vegetarian – let’s get to the meat, or for those who do not consume meat – let’s get to the lettuce 🙂

1. Take Social Media Seriously

Most of the professionals I get to interact with, do not really get the importance of, for instance, Instagram nowadays. I’ve used Instagram as an example because a lot of people who are over thirty years old think that it’s a platform for youngsters to upload meaningless pictures.

People often tell me: “it’s a waste of time being on Instagram, I want to focus on improving my craft”. That’s true, majority of the people on Instagram are in the age group ranging from 18-29. It’s also true, you should focus on sharpening your skills. Yet, time and time again I get to know talented professionals who do not have the money to sustain themselves. Nobody really knows what they are doing and what value they bring to the marketplace. So, number one, take social media seriously, and I’m not going to tell you what platform to focus on, you need to test what works for you best. Just make sure to stick with the major platforms and constantly look for those emerging and gaining a lot of attention.

2. Make Good First Impression

Making good first impression is crucial because as you can suspect there is no second impression. I’ve learnt that to brand myself successfully I need to be able to come across to people as I want to be perceived. Not doing this, would result in me being randomly classified. I do not want this. Shockingly, I’ve read some studies recently that we have only 3 seconds before people stick a mental label and categorise us. The question to you then is, how do you want to be categorised? I suggest you answer this consciously as whether you want it or not others will label you.

Additionally, it’s worth noting, each of us represents a given industry, a company and ourselves personally. We subconsciously judge these categories as well. Your role is then to help people perceive it as you want deliberately.

3. Post Regularly

At the beginning I was begin lazy and oftentimes I found it pointless to post what I am doing. However, I quickly gained understanding what big mistake I was making.  Truth is, I wasn’t posting regularly. I was barely posting at all… people couldn’t possibly know what is important to me and what I’m up to. You do not need thousands of followers to be publishing regularly. Instead, do it for yourself and feel good about it. Please, trust the process.

Anyhow, a year ago I myself decided to go out and put my marketing knowledge into practice. I started regularly posting on social media and took it more seriously than ever before. The results I’ve gotten astonished me and I finally began to understand how to navigate successfully in this new connected economy.

4. Don’t Create, Document

Whether you are an estate agency, a personal trainer, a programmer or a barber – this is one of the most important insights I’ve learnt this year from a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are interested in the concept, I highly recommend to go and check him out.

Let me give you an example. At the moment I am writing this post and sitting in a local coffee shop in beautiful Barcelona. I want to make people aware that I am writing another blog post and I want them to come to visit my website. So, I could take off my phone and make a photo of the screen of my Macbook and then simply publish it on Instagram or Snapchat.

Do not tell me, “this is a shitty idea”, “it’s just simply showing off” or “all this social media is just one big scam”. Actually, you know what, I would agree with you, but I think it’s not up to me. Finally, it’s always the market that decides and determines what is now trendy. I’m just being intelligent and I do not want to lose this game, so I play it to my advantage. Remember, I also want you to win, that’s why I share my experience here.

5. Go Where People’s Attention Moves

If 5 years ago you were to ask me to actively publish on social media, I would definitely laugh to your face, justifying that it’s a waste of time. It’s going to sound like a double standard of mine but that’s how rapidly the technology develops and changes our lives. I think we need to conform to it because now people’s attention is shifting to where we spend the most of our time on – social media.

Over the years, I’ve realised one thing about Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and all the other major platforms. They have grown to such a degree, you would need to be stupid not to utilise them. I want you to know, these platforms were created to solve one big problem. Namely, to allow people to publicly show off whatever it is they’re up to. That’s how we are socially wired, it’s not polite to talk about ourselves.

6. Engage With People

I’m going to keep this one short. Nevertheless, I cannot stress enough how vital it is to engage with people on your social media profiles. Be nice. Respect other opinions, take feedback and actively respond to comments that you get.

7. Experiment

Last but not least – experiment, experiment and experiment! You see, with marketing on social media, you can’t just come in and say, “I have finished MBA, I know all the best practices in marketing and I’m super intelligent”, so I will get results. Nothing more deceptive, It’s never going to work in this context unless you are willing to spend a shit load of money. If the answer is yes, then go ahead, good luck.

Finally, you can have the highest IQ or a PhD from the best universities in the world. Still, it does not mean anything until you try things out. In reality, the market verifies what is going to work and what not.

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  1. Brother that’s a really good article. I’ve enjoyed it and I really see some parallels to Gary Vee. He is awesome btw and you move into that direction too.


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